About MUI

MUI, established in 1982, is a Houston, Texas based leader in custom molded urethane parts manufacturing, offering solutions for every industry. Our expert staff will partner with you to design and manufacture a custom product that meets your exact specifications. MUI’s reputation for superior products and prompt services are our most valued qualities and our customers are our most valued assets.

Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas

MUI specializes in molded polyurethane products for the oil and gas industry. Our expert staff works with clients to design & manufacture custom products that meet the specifications required.  Read More»


The agriculture industry places enormous wear on equipment and structures, as the constant harvesting of crops and care of livestock is labor intensive work. Read More»

Pipeline Construction

MUI serves the pipeline industry by providing polyurethane molded products designed to meet unique requirements of the oilfield and offshore oil & gas industries. Read More»

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Polyurethane components have an increasing role in HDD, conveyors are often required if gravity can't facilitate movement of materials.  Read More»

Offshore Marine Construction

From the first part of the process, polyurethane is there to help pipe laying operations that are typical of deep water construction. Read More»


The automotive industry is one of the major industries known for using polyurethane components.  Read More»


Few industries rely on polyurethane as heavily as the aerospace industry, and with the ability to be fabricated in a number of forms, it’s easy to understand why. Read More»

Custom Molded Products

Custom molded polyurethane products manufactured by MUI can be designed, drafted and produced in house to fit each customer’s unique molded product needs. Read More»


Polyurethane molders like MUI have expert engineering teams on hand to oversee processes and these engineers are equipped with the means to test the components once ready.  Read More »

Machining And Equipment

Polyurethane can be molded, but sometimes molding isn’t enough to produce a complex, intricately designed component. Read More»


Polyurethane products are a natural fit for the mining industry, where heavy machinery & pulverizing physical forces are the norm. Read More »