Industries Served

 If you need a custom molded polyurethane product, MUI has the capabilities to design and manufacture it for you. We have the experience in a wide range of industrial applications and can manufacture products of all sizes to your exact requirements. Our in-house engineering department can assist with the design of the part and develop the molds and inserts for production. Your part will be manufactured to the highest quality standards and delivered on time and on budget.

While our roots are in the oil and gas industry, we have expanded to serve all industries and or staff has the application knowledge to design and manufacture a part that will meet or exceed your expectations. We have built a reputation for delivering high quality parts for a wide range of parts, including tubing, vibration mounts, seals and v-rollers.

MUI also offers polyurethane rods for a variety of industries and applications. Common uses for these urethane rods include strippers used in both the tool & die and metal stamping industries. These polyurethane rods are also used in the making of automotive suspension bushings as well as in parts such as bearings and gears. Contact MUI today to discuss how our polyurethane products can be used in your industry!


Oil & Gas

Our products can be found in offshore and oilfield installations, providing long-lasting, high quality performance. Read More»


Polyurethane molded products designed to meet the unique requirements of the pipeline industries. Read More»


Polyurethane is considered an ideal approach to reducing wear and damage to important components, especially for the agriculture industry. Read More»

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Polyurethane components have assumed an increasing role in the processes for horizontal directional drilling. Read More»

Offshore Marine Construction

From the very first part of the process, polyurethane is there to facilitate the kind of extensive pipe laying operations that are typical of offshore marine construction. Read More»


Polyurethane is among the select materials that is economical to produce, lightweight, & durable enough to withstand the extreme forces that often present during driving. Read More»


Few industries rely on polyurethane as heavily as the aerospace industry, and it’s easy to understand why. Read More»

Custom Molded Products

Custom molded polyurethane products manufactured by MUI can be designed, drafted & produced in house to fit each customer’s unique needs. Read More»

Machining And Equipment

Polyurethane, of course, can be molded, but sometimes molding isn’t enough to produce a complex, intricately designed component and MUI can help with these types of issues. Read More»


Polyurethane products are a natural fit for the mining industry, where heavy machinery and pulverizing physical forces are normal. Read More»

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