What Applications Can A Polyurethane V Roller Be Used For?

A polyurethane v roller is one of the most versatile tools around, and is capable in a number of settings.It is particularly effective, though, in well drilling applications, where it can help workers control pipeline as it is run to the well. For these settings, heavy duty components are required, and no other material offers the kind of durability that polyurethane does. As a thermosetting polymer, it can be made for any purpose, and can withstand almost any environment. For this reason, more and more industries are making use of it.

What applications can a polyurethane v roller be used for?

These conveyors are most often found in oil & gas and pipeline operations, though they are versatile enough to be used nearly anywhere. In pipeline operations, they are responsible for conveying the pipe while ensuring it does not contact any other surface or sustain damage from jostling. Installing a series of conveyors makes it much easier to handle the pipeline, reducing the time it takes to set the pipe up, and the amount of labor required from onsite employees.

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations definitely need reliable conveyors to ensure the job is done right. During HDD, the well is drilled at an angle, usually to avoid obstacles or to access an underground reservoir more effectively. The angled well means more pipeline is needed and more care is required to ensure the pipe is protected as it is set up. Polyurethane v roller systems are ideal for these challenges.

Pipeline operations, though, are not the only setting where these conveyors are a valuable asset. For example, they are prized for their steady, gentle movement, which is perfect for automation and machining tool doors. The grooved fit that the conveyor offers ensures minimal vibration and precise movement, which is essential to safely operating automated technology. The conveyors are also found in woodworking machinery, packaging systems, and even vending machines. Again, the steady, low vibration movement is perfect for ensuring consistent performance wherever it is installed.

What are the benefits of a polyurethane v roller, compared to other conveyors?

Thermosetting resins can be designed to any specification, so they can be anywhere from soft and malleable to extremely hard. They are designed to bounce back when subjected to heavy physical forces, which is why the conveyors can handle nearly a ton of material with ease. Their durability extends beyond mere impact or abrasion, though, as these conveyors can withstand a level of heat and cold that would put people in danger. And they can even be used underwater, as they do not allow water to penetrate the conveyor’s surface.

When the situation requires hundreds or thousands of pounds of material to be moved safely, these tools are completely up to the task.

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