Custom Molded Polyurethane Products Available From MUI

At MUI, custom molded polyurethane products are designed and fabricated in-house to fit each customer’s product specifications.We develop a large assortment of molded urethane products for a variety of industries, including oil and gas companies, marine applications, and more. We utilize flexible and semi-flexible high-density materials to produce unique formulations. Our proven capabilities as a leader in the industry enables us to meet the most demanding of production requirements, from small-scale runs of specialty parts, to full-scale, ongoing parts programs. At MUI, we believe that quality is in the details, and we are all about the details. We endeavor to exceed expectations, and we do.

High-quality custom molded polyurethane is a lower-cost solution than aluminum or stainless steel. Polyurethane is lighter than metal and is more resistant to salt water corrosion and other elements, providing ease of installation and long-lasting performance.

Some Ways That Custom Molded Polyurethane is Used

  • Pipe Rollers – we build cost-effective, long-lasting solutions to pipe lay applications, which includes idler rollers, hourglass rollers, drive rollers, and stinger rollers.
  • Hammer Cushions – we carry a full line of Hammer cushions for small, medium, and large sized hammers used in the pile driving industry. Made from a special blend of polymers that are guaranteed to last up to three times as long as other materials.
  • Centrifuge Cones – we make a variety of hydro cyclone used in drilling, construction, and the environmental clean-up industries. All of our parts are fabricated from polyurethane because it outperforms its metal and ceramic counterparts.
  • Wheels & Rollers – we rebuild custom wheels and rollers to your design specifications over sixteen feet long and up to ten feet in diameter. We can customize designs and molds to fit your needs.
  • TA / Wellhead Caps – Polyurethane temporary abandonment (TA) caps provide efficient capping for offshore wellheads. They are easily maneuverable for removal and implementation without winches or other equipment. As a result, TA cap installation can be performed without interfering with other rig tasks.

MUI is equipped to manage all aspects of a custom molded polyurethane program. When you choose our services, you engage our knowledgeable designers, specialists, and a production staff that will custom-develop your program. We offer support for part and tool design and manufacture through all phases of completion. We can custom-formulate systems to produce the correct part that you need, with any attributes you may require. We set the standard for quality molded polyurethane.