Why Should MUI Be Your Idler Roller Manufacturer

MUI has produced high-quality and custom polyurethane products for more than 30 years, and as an experienced idler roller manufacturer, they can fabricate components to any specification. Specifically, they can produce components up to 16 feet long and 10 feet in diameter, and they can be configured for light, medium and heavy duty. Ideal for any material-handling or conveying needs, these systems are prized for their versatility and durability, allowing facilities to link stations together, or facilitate product or material transport.

Why should companies consider MUI their primary idler roller manufacturer?

Although MUI got its start in the oil and gas industry, it can provide quality polyurethane components to a company in any field, such as the pipeline, shipping, and refining industries. What sets this company apart is its extensive experience in producing polyurethane conveyors, so it can customize a system to fit any company’s needs, including fabricating custom designs, inserts and molds. And with an experienced in-house engineering team, MUI can thoroughly test any components before they are integrated into the client’s facilities.

But why should a company consider an idler roller manufacturer that uses polyurethane products?

Polyurethane has been in use for decades and offers unmatched durability and cost-effectiveness, when compared to other materials. Its rugged composition makes it an ideal choice for demanding applications, which are found throughout the oil and gas, pipeline and shipping industries. Other reasons a company should consider polyurethane for its needs include:

  • Abrasion and impact resistance. Polyurethane can withstand impact forces that would damage metal, plastic, and other high-durability materials. This impact resistance is particularly useful in conveying applications, where heavy objects may collide with the conveyor.
  • High load bearing capacity. Also essential for proper conveying and material handling, the high load bearing limits that polyurethane exhibits makes it effective in any application. Polyurethane exhibits excellent weight bearing in both compression and tension, and though it may change in shape under a heavy load, it will revert to its original shape afterward.
  • Versatile physical properties. Polyurethane can be configured to one of many hardness settings and can be bonded to a variety of other materials. This includes plastics, metals, and even wood, giving the material even greater durability and resistance to particular hazards. Polyurethane can also be mixed with any color pigments to help a facility color code their systems.
  • Resistance to oil, grease and water, and excellent electrical properties. Polyurethane swells little when exposed to liquids and is insulated well against electricity. These qualities make polyurethane perfect for underwater applications, where it can withstand typical wear for years before requiring maintenance or replacement.

And finally, as a leading idler roller manufacturer, MUI offers superb lead times, so a company can integrate their new system immediately. In short, there is no question that polyurethane should be the material of choice for material-handling applications, and no question that MUI should be a company’s polyurethane component provider of choice.

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