How Does A Pipe Roller Hanger Need To Be Designed

Pipe roller hangers serve an important function in maintaining line integrity and preventing the kind of damage that can occur from subtle movement.However, as important as these components are, oil & gas, plumbing, and construction companies often choose components that are made with inferior materials. This can prove to be a liability in the long run and may necessitate expensive replacements and labor. That’s why many businesses specifically look for components made with polyurethane, as it offers unmatched durability in any setting.

What hazards do pipe roller hangers need to be designed around?

These components are designed to support various pipelines, including well lines, plumbing lines and supply lines. These lines are placed under a great deal of pressure, so line supports have to contend with multiple forces and environmental conditions. Some of them include:

  • Dead weight – At the absolute minimum, any supports must be able to handle the line’s weight. This includes the weight of the fluids the line will carry, the weight of any fittings, and the weight of any other inline materials, like insulation.
  • The internal pressure placed on the line – Any line that carries fluid is going to sustain internal pressure to an extent. In many instances, this pressure is great enough to cause the line to move.
  • Wind and seismic forces – In areas where atmospheric and geological conditions are unstable, the line may be subjected to sudden and extreme forces. Dedicated engineering efforts have to be employed to counter these forces.
  • Extreme heat and cold – Temperature swings are one of the primary enemies when running a line, as they can cause the line to expand or contract. This movement can be enough to exert damaging pressure on parts of the line.
  • Excess moisture – Supports have to be able to sustain constant exposure to moisture, as condensation is a frequent occurrence.

How can polyurethane pipe roller hangers overcome these hazards?

Polyurethane is a thermosetting resin, and it can be made with a variety of polymers, each of which have their own physical properties. In short, this means that polyurethane can be custom made for any applications and for any setting. It can be configured for particular applications, including providing line support during drilling operations, construction projects, or for heavy duty plumbing installations.

What makes polyurethane a favored choice among technicians is its durability. Metal will rust, plastic will warp, and wood will splinter. Polyurethane will retain its integrity in the most strenuous conditions, and resists any environmental hazard it is subjected to. It will not expand or contract significantly during temperature changes, it will prevent moisture infiltration, and it will not bend when placed under pressure. This means polyurethane pipe roller hangers will keep the line from moving and buckling, no matter what forces are acting on the line.