What Are Roller Slings And How Are They Used

Roller slings are among the most efficient methods for moving pipe.Designed for pipeline installation projects, pipe storage, transportation, and more, they see a broad use in a variety of applications. Companies such as MUI manufacture high-quality urethane round cut wheels with sealed anti-friction bearings. They fit all sizes and types of slings and cradles. The rollers are thoroughly tested and adhere to and exceed industry standards.

What Are Roller Slings?

They are devices that are comprised of a wire rope and polyurethane rollers. They are available in an assortment of sizes and styles and are primarily used for the safe handling and transport of pipe for drilling and pipeline use. The sling is attached to the tube allowing it to be supported and moved safely. Aside from running pipe, roller slings are used in a variety of other ways. For example, climbing safety, for both construction and recreation. Everyone from mountaineers to bridge workers use slings to augment their security and balance.

How Do They Work?

The urethane roller inserts protect the pipe’s coating during storage, rolling, and transport. Depending on requirements, a custom number of rollers can be designed per sling. The wire rope is tagged and tested thoroughly. The urethane wheels provide a radius shape to better to cradle the pipe. Replacement wheels are easy to install and readily available.

One size sling typically handles multiple pipe sizes. They provide fast disassembly for storage and transit, eliminating the problems that arise from potential welded seam hang-ups. They are designed with inherent load capacities ensuring the safe handling of large pipe sizes and weight capacity. Multiple high-grade polyurethane rollers, evenly spaced for weight distribution, provide an even and smooth support for the tube.

Which Industries Benefit from Using the Slings? 

Roller slings are used for a broad array of applications in numerous industries. Below is a partial list of some of the particular industries that benefit the most from sling technology:

  • Oil & Gas – The O&G industry uses an enormous amount of pipe in day-to-day projects. Transporting it to the well sites, storing it on site, and using it in the drilling process requires an efficient method to support and handle pipe safely.
  • Pipeline – The transmission of oil and gas over long distances requires the handling of thousands of miles of pipe. Slings are an important component for every stage of pipeline laying.
  • Construction – Construction sites, from skyscrapers to bridges need a way to move pipe onto the job site safely. Slings are capable of handling the job effectively.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling – Horizontal drilling necessitates a need to move pipe through a horizontal hole.

High-quality polyurethane is used in the manufacturing of the rollers. This material has the flexibility of rubber but with exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion and other damaging elements, making it ideal for the job at hand.

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