Pipe Stands In Horizontal Drilling

Pipe stands play a significant role in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). Horizontal Drilling is a steerable method for installing conduit, cable, or pipe underground in a shallow arc along a predetermined path that foregoes the need for digging trenches to hold the tube. The upside to Horizontal Directional Drilling is that it imposes a minimal impact on the surrounding terrain, as well as allowing drilling under structures and roadways without damaging and rebuilding them. For support, the pipe or conduit is propped up by the stands for the purpose of stabilizing them as they are connected and placed in the drill hole.

Drilling new oil and gas wells is challenging. It demands a complex set of procedures to punch a hole in the ground or ocean floor. Horizontal Directional Drilling sees frequent use and has been a game changer in the Oil & Gas Industry. Traditional, outdated methods for drilling oil wells are expensive and time-consuming. With Horizontal Directional Drilling, the pipelines extending from the well must be supported. At one time, pipes were supported with costly, inefficient pilings, which were ineffective and given to collapse. Newly designed pipe stands from companies such as MUI are durable, portable, adjustable, and reusable, handling heavy loads in excess of the everyday demands placed on them. These methods provide precision drilling, thereby increasing oil and gas production while minimizing the impact on the environment.

What Are the Advantages of Using Pipe Stands in the Oil & Gas Industry?

HDD wells tap into oil reservoirs at an angle. This would be nearly impossible using traditional methods. As a result, a number of wells may extend from a single well site. Using Horizontal Directional Drilling techniques, oil companies drill well away from sensitive ecosystems. They save money by not having to drill multiple vertical wells, not having to build access roads, as well as the various structures that are attendant on oil rigs. Furthermore, they protect the environment, both marine, and land. Additionally, oil companies can access oil reservoirs that are unreachable by vertical drilling. Heavy duty stands are essential for supporting the pipe in the wellbore, in these cases.

MUI specializes in long-lasting, high-quality performance products used in Horizontal Directional Drilling installations. Their expert personnel works with drilling companies to produce custom options that meet and exceed required specifications. From pipe stands to sheave linings, a solution for any application is a phone call or an email away. Some of the custom molded solutions offered include guide rollers, pump valves, sheave linings, cement seals, and conductor guides.

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