Polyurethane For Conveyors – The Best Choice

Polyurethane is the ideal compound for a variety of uses in the marine, agricultural, fuel, manufacturing, and shipping industries. It possesses unique properties that make it invaluable under a wide range of conditions and for a large number of applications. Without a doubt, one of these applications is its use as a material for conveyor rollers and idlers.

A typical roller sees thousands upon thousands of hours of work. Constant use can wear down even the toughest of materials. Similarly, idlers must be able to support extremely heavy loads for long periods of time. The high stress of these jobs makes polyurethane the ideal material for both conveyor rollers and idlers.


Simply put, polyurethane is tough and durable. Its elastic properties give it excellent distortion resistance and it is extremely difficult to cut, rip, or tear. Polyurethane has an abrasion resistance higher than rubber and even some types of steel. Not only is it able to bear heavy loads, but it also absorbs sound and will not contribute to a noisy production environment. Its use can even help to reduce the ambient decibel level in a factory. Polyurethane stands up to a wide range of temperature extremes and will not break down in the presence of most solvents, even over long periods of exposure.

Furthermore, polyurethane has excellent impact resistance, similar to that of rubber. Unlike rubber, however, urethane products do not degrade over time. Old rubber often becomes brittle and begins to fall away in chunks. Urethane is not subject to this flaw.

Corrosion Resistance

Iron and steel rust. Other metals corrode over time or in the presence of certain chemicals. Polyurethane does not. It resists corrosion and maintains its integrity for extended periods.

Also, urethane is not subject to metal fatigue or failure. While even the strongest steel can eventually fracture, polyurethane can be stretched to several times its original length before it fails.

Choosing rollers coated in polyurethane is also a wise decision. Urethane bonds readily to metal and a host of other materials, such as wood.


Due to a cost effective casting process polyurethane conveyor rollers and idlers are highly adaptable to very specific projects. The size can range from quite small to over 16 feet long and 10 feet in diameter. Hardness is also customizable to the optimum level for the application and environmental conditions.

Furthermore, customization takes into consideration the roller load weight and roller speed. Measurements can be very precise and the casting process is adaptable to custom mold shapes. In fact, even the color is customizable.

Specifications can be provided to the urethane manufacturer in the form of spreadsheets or CAD drawings, ensuring exceptional accuracy. A quality polyurethane product manufacturer is happy and eager to work with their customers on optimal parameters and custom needs.

Low volume orders are also not a problem. Polyurethane is uniquely suited to limited volume production using custom or standard molds and casting. Additionally, single prototypes and samples can be easily made before full production has begun.

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