How Pipe Stand Rollers Make A Difference For Operating Conveyors

A pipe stand fitted with rollers is an easy way to control conveying operations, and when made with durable materials like polyurethane, it’s a rugged support that can last for years. Handling long stretches of tubing is a burdensome, difficult process, and facilities need all the help they can get in managing it effectively. Clearly, relying on manpower alone is not the best approach, given the risk of injury and the mounting costs of hiring additional labor. Instead, additional conveyors and supports can cut down on required manpower and operation time, allowing facilities to dedicate their resources elsewhere.

The Simple Power of the Pipe Stand

Supports with rollers are useful in a number of operations, but especially in operations that involve moving tubing. Whether polymer or metal, tubing is heavy, bulky and difficult to keep stable. Polyurethane supports are a counter to these challenges, as they can withstand punishing impact and abrasive forces. They are also designed with several features that make them particularly versatile. Some of these features include:

  1. Easy to change housings that can accommodate a variety of tubing diameters. Some supports can control tubing as small as 1/2 an inch in diameter, up to tubing that is several feet in diameter.
  2. Reinforced frame to allow for heavier loads. Tubing isn’t light, especially if it’s made from metal. A support with a reinforced frame can take it, though, and some models can withstand weights up to a ton.
  3. Height adjustment and leveling. One of the frustrating limitations of most conveyors is that the height can’t be easily adjusted. This can make loading operations more difficult than they need to be. A pipe stand with rollers, however, can be height adjusted, usually up to several feet. And with built in leveling, the support will ensure maximum stability no matter what height the support is set at, and no matter how often it is adjusted.
  4. Rotation adjustments. If the tubing has to be conveyed to a multiline system, a support with rotating capabilities will make the process much more efficient. Some supports can swivel 360 degrees, allowing workers to guide the tubing wherever they want.
  5. Braking and centering systems. Both braking and centering is needed to exert complete control over the conveying process, and most supports come with both. This ensures the tubing does not cause injury or sustain damage during conveying.

Polyurethane Perks

Polyurethane offers an unbeatable combination of durability and affordability, as it can be cast quickly and in mass quantities without sacrificing quality. Polyurethane is ideal for heavy conveying operations as it will maintain its shape even after being subjected to thousands of pounds of force. And it can serve in any environment, as it is highly resistant to heat, cold and moisture.

But perhaps its most important feature is that it is a low friction material, offering little resistance during operation and ensuring the tubing doesn’t “stick” on the conveyor.

Polyurethane supports can be adapted for nearly any conveying operation and are the perfect option for facilities seeking reliability.

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